Listening Around EMPAC

Listening around EMPAC (2014) Tom Stoll The Wheel within the Wheel is a sound art composition for custom software running on smartphones. As of July 2014, there is an iOS »

Announcing: CorpusDB

Corpus-based Processing for Python/SuperCollider Available at This is the Python implementation, intended to mirror CBPSC as much as possible. This software is under heavy »

Helpful: audio files batch conversion

Here's what I do when I have a bunch of aif files that need to become wav files. You will need SoX to do this. AIF2WAV #! /bin/sh cd $1 »

Music: Untitled - for Tilt

I composed this piece for members of Tilt Brass this past spring. Instrumentation: 2 trumpets, horn, 2 trombones, tuba. »

Announcing: ImageDB

ImageDB is corpus-based image retrieval for OpenFrameworks)/OpenCV. It was developed on OS X, but should be usable, with slight modifications, on Linux and/or Windows. »